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Default Re: Review 996 Porsche 911 Brembo Brakes Installed!

Originally Posted by nasieg View Post
p0lar is the expert on brake bias. I don't know how it affects the bias, when you just do the fronts, but my guess is you will have more front bias, which in theory is safe, but not ideal, as you are giving up some available stopping power in the rear. Meaning the fronts will lock up before the rears get close to their full theory. In praxis it is probably negligible.

I know (from p0lars chart) that the complete 996 kit adds a slight percentage of rear bias, compared to stock. It's not much. Not something you need to worry about. At the track I have had the ABS kick in many times in the front, while the rears weren't there yet, so it is a none issue. My feeling is acutely that it is a plus to add a little more brake bias in the rear, from the stock config, because car manufacturers generally design/set up cars with more front brake bias to begin with. The reason is that they want to make absolutely sure the general public does not have rear brakes lock ups and spin outs. That being said, in theory, it means that the stock rear brakes leave some stopping power on the table.

For example. I made a custom BBK on my last track car and had installed a brake bias valve. Once I got comfortable with it I started to play with the settings a bit. The car came originally with a rear brake bias valve, which reduced the rear brake bias. It was amazing how much more rear brake bias I was able to dial in, before it became a problem (rears locking up before the fronts) . I think the factory valve was 68% reduction, but when I had the adjustable valve installed I was able to go to almost full open, or about 95%. That goes to show you how safe the factory bias is.

Anyway, I'm not a seasoned expert on all of this. The above is just my opinion, based on my own experience and some common sense.
Personally I would do both front and rears, but you are definitely safe just doing the fronts.
good feedback, thanks!
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