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Originally Posted by skywalker2
I have an Oct 25 ED pickup for a E90 330i and would LOVE to get the "piano black" interior trim - it looks awesome. I emailed BMW NA and they said "no dice". Can my service advisor add this as an option and any idea of the price?

BTW: I need to know exactly what to tell my sales guy to do step by step, if you know what I mean
When you contact BMW NA you will almost always get a different response each time. Just ask your sales person that you want piano black trim on your car and have it called in to BMW NA. Make it known that you will be a lot happier if you're able to get that trim, and almost make it feel like you're not going to buy the car unless.

If the car hasn't been built yet, it'll be possible. Mr. NACHTBLAU might be able to get you a part # for that trim.
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I give up, you win.
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I give up, you won.
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you win.
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