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Default Re: Picked up a blown-engine project E46 M3

At this point all new parts have been ordered. The total has come to $2,220, and I'm sure there will be another few dollars as I realize things I've forgotten. Here is the summary of items ordered:
  • Main bearings
  • Rod bearings (went untreated OEM)
  • Luk clutch
  • Grant piston rings
  • Used OEM intake valves
  • Valve seals
  • Iridium spark plugs
  • Complete Beisan kit (except oil pump disk -- I will machine that myself)
  • Engine seals -- front main, rear main, oil pan, valve cover, and on and on....
  • Turner Motorsports subframe reinforcement kit
  • Power steering pressure hose (old one is leaking)
  • Windshield Cowl (old one is cracked)
  • Steering rack boots (old ones are cracked)
  • Trunk struts (old ones are weak)

The point I want to raise is that the cost of a used short block with 1XX,XXX miles on it is going to be ~$3k. If I'm willing to do the work myself, I get essentially a bulletproofed engine with no miles on it for only $2,000.
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