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Default Re: Picked up a blown-engine project E46 M3

I guess I am similar to the OP as well. I picked up a lightly wrecked 2002 and rebuilt the whole thing. It is a hobby, keeps me from going crazy watching TV.
Back on point. It is easy to keep track of the big things. It is the little things that really add up but no one keeps track. Then there is mission creep. Gee, while I am doing this I might as well do that and before long you have rebuilt the entire car. But is is a hobby! Enjoy.

Speaking of the N54 engine, a friend blew up 2 of them in his 135. He never did figure what happened. He was out of town at a track but was just driving to learn the track and boom. I wanted to do an autopsy on the engine but it was too far away.
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