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Default Re: Need Practical Advice

Originally Posted by Braymond141 View Post
The E46 is a better car in every aspect, but I will second owning both if you can handle it.

The E36 will be cheaper to maintain and the US motor lasts forever. E46 has some big repairs every 60-100k miles of use (be careful getting caught in the “bulletproof” S54 nonsense). These aren’t so bad if you can DIY.
If you are willing to deal with S54 engine moments of stupid, buy E46. If you want a car that will be fun and run forever, long after the interior adhesives have disintegrated, keep your E36. If you want to hate yourself whenever you aren't driving the car, S54 swap your E36.

My solution to this problem is to sell my stock E36. I just haven't driven it in months.
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