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Default Who can convert my HP DME to stock CSL?

Originally Posted by Dr M3an M3 View Post
Yep. Very happy with mine (physical hardware conversion). Had both mine and a friends done at the same time in that 24hrs too. Also cool, they sent before and after pictures of their work and the prices were very affordable too. If I had to do it all over again, I'd make the same choice. Would be interesting to see more posts on here regarding their tunes? Anyone have a Kassel Tune? Mine had I think just the base CSL tune on it when I received it, but had PC tune it when it was put together, so can't speak much on the side of performance tunes.

I have one but it's just a canned tune; not a dyno tune. I have hesitation in low rpm and high load. We need to resolve it but haven't found the time.

Outside of that, solid power gains.

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