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Default Re: Quite Exhaust Thread

This is quite a thread.
I recommend you find a medium, quiet gets old fast. Find a nice sounding exhaust that is not ridiculously loud and have fun:
-SS sport or (Race with two extra resonators upstream)
-Or go custom

PM for performance tune requests
-Custom CF airbox
-SSV2 catless headers(with a modified collector extention), Custom 2.5" dual sec1, Custom sec2 2.5" dual with e9xM X pipe, SuperSprint Race inspired custom section 3..
-Cat Cams 280 272.
-Custom dyno tune
-Tms pulleys and electric fan conversion
385.7 whp 288 wtq

Custom exhaust thread and dyno
Cams thread and dyno
Custom cf airbox thread
Why not to use after market bearings with surfacetreatments and /or increased clearance
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