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Default Re: CSL OE Bumper Carbon Fiber bits

Originally Posted by stash1 View Post
While I prefer the look of 1x1 slightly, unfortunately my airbox is in the "peasant" 2x2, and so other cf tidbits are 2x2 to match. Mixing cf weaves would just be tacky.

Op, stuff looks pretty good! Does this "friend" have a company name, or is it a true garage effort? Do you know what process he uses?

On a side, I swear, I could just stare at cf stuff all day!

I did not know people referred to 2x2 as peasant lol. I'm sure your airbox looks amazing. But he has said to me in the past that that he can make it in 2x2 as well.
I have known him for 20 years and he is an ex-roommate , so I am lucky enough to get work done for me. He does have a small local company that he started recently. He does use vacuum bagging, as for hardeners and things like that, I don't know which brands etc.
I have been trying to push him to do some BMW products for many years, as I always thought he was very talented.

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