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Default Re: Any CSL DME dyno runs in here?

The CSL is alpha-n/hybrid speed density. It's totally different from the standard stuff in a many ways, any tune you get will be for the CSL base software.

The "alpha-n tunes" that most get for the standard M3 is a hacky implementation at best, it's more a MAF delete than anything else. IMO the bare minimum for a proper CSL implementation is a MAP sensor at the very least. It's totally possible to do it without it but you lose throttle response without a way for the engine to measure load.

You'll probably notice a significant increase in throttle response too, out of the box the CSL software feels a little "off" and dull.

I'm sure someone at this point probably has a CSL base map for stock cams which would be a good place to start. It's also possible to do 80% of it yourself with the right software and wideband. Ideally getting it dialed in on a dyno would be best.

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