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Default Re: Any CSL DME dyno runs in here?

Originally Posted by exodus454 View Post
Are you still running the stock CSL fuel and cam tables?

The WOT targets especially are pig rich with the stock cams. Just fixing a few things in the tune would definitely get you some power.

Cams would help but so would pulling fuel. The stock exhaust is ~2 1/4", and yes swapping your headers for non-catted ones will definitely show some gains too.
You are correct I'm still running the stock CSL tune with however it's program for a CSL engine.

That's comforting to know that if I get it tuned for my proper engine setup that I have some more power I can get out of it and that because it's running rich in certain tables that's holding me back.

I'm curious about the alpha and tune from some of these places like ttfs. They call them Alpha N tunes but are they taking into account the one bar GM map sensor at all or are they just ignoring that and doing purely ignition tables tuning.
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