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Default Any CSL DME dyno runs in here?

I decided to dyno my car Saturday just to get a feel for where its at.

Stock 2002 136k mile S54 with Geoff Steel airbox and GM 1 bar map sensor
Stock CSL tune configured for GM 1 bar
Stock S54 header and cats and resonator and factory piping with just an aftermarket universal muffler in the section II piece since i could not fit a muffler in the rear of the car with quad exhaust on a NON M car. all stock 2.5 inch S54 piping

Dynojet dyno (no AFR reading unfortunately. not sure why they didnt use a tail pipe sniffer at least)

296 rwhp and 233 tq 4th gear if that matters

obviously every dyno reads differently so i will take any results with a grain of salt.

consistenyl i see thta S54 with no mod put down anywhere between 275 to 285ish

if i put down 296 with just an airbox really, thats what an 11hp gain over the high end of stock S54 territory?

woudl it be safe to assume that the number could have possibly been higher if i had a proper tune or if i had the rest of the CSL proper parts such as CSL CAMS, Euro header and cats/exhaust?

im mainly curious if even though im running a stock CSL tune, that its not running properly because the fuel and ignition maps are expecting certain parts that I dont have?

Dyno Graph below
IMG_20180210_153142 by Shawn Robertson, on Flickr

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