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Here's a new one for you all...

My mate's M3 sometimes 'misses' a gear and crunches it. He reckons it didn't do it for the first year of ownership, but has done it 4 or 5 times in the last 6 months. Says it's a different occasion each time - has happened to him on track twice (scary!), once as he was cruising along about 5 mins after starting it, and once with me in the car on the motorway. Same again, simply cruising along. Thing he was changing up to 6th. On track he reckons he never gets above 4th but can't remember what gear he was selecting when it crunched.

Any suggestions? It's out of warranty so I told him to avoid the dealers initially as they'll just replace the pump/box.

I checked the hydraulic fluid with him and it seems a little above the max marker...
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