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Default Re: Seats killing my back!

Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
I'd rather have the non CSL Imola interior

I use the arm rests, both sides, regularly. I like having side impact airbags. And, I don't like decorative CF.

... and it's nowhere near as expensive as a full CSL interior.
The arm rest delete, that is something I never understood. I use mine every time I drive. I also don't understand the cup-holder delete for the euro-tray. Maybe it's because I use them, and have no idea what I would store in the euro tray, other than maybe a firearm. It would just accumulate junk and clutter for me. The delete does look "clean" though, but functionally I don't understand it.

I am curious what you mean by decorative CF? Are the CF door cards not significantly lighter?
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