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Originally Posted by GR///M3 View Post
i like this thread ... thanks for starting it Obioban.

for an 18" wheel, it looks like 255 and 285 would be the best size choice since it's closest to OEM ... a little cautious about the rear circumference being .6 inch smaller than OEM, but that's really not a lot. my question about this size set is:

would there be rubbing issues with an OEM suspension ? would they look really awkward when they are mounted on an 8.5" (255) and 10" (285) ? current OEM setup with 225 on 8" and 255 on 9" the fronts look to be a bit stretched (slanted sidewall), while the rears have a nearly vertical side wall
Member M3R1 had 255/285 mounted on 8.5 and 9.5 wheels. Maybe the pics in these threads will at least give you some idea about how it looks and handles.

His car was slightly lowered with the Dinan suspension, and he sold the tires not long after he posted the above thread.
I think he was getting a bit of rubbing, but I'm not sure where; probably on the fender, vs inside.

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