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Default Re: Brake Booster Discussion

Well, after having changed a million things on the car to eliminate variables to deal with the low pedal engagement and squishy pedal I finally fixed it. BBK was not the answer but I can see why people would say that since it helps mask the poor braking with more braking force.

Yesterday I had a friend over to help me bleed the ABS. I read a lot of stuff online about how it's not needed and the system is self bleeding, etc etc but I wasn't convinced.

We performed one final bleed of the system to confirm there was no air trapped anywhere. We then removed the cap on ABS bleeder nipple shown:

We stuck an 11mm wrench onto the hex of the ABS bleeder nipple (it's super tight in there, get a wrench with a directional switch, for real) and then my caliper bleeding tube.

I hopped into the driver's seat and pumped the brake pedal to pressurize the line.

He then cracked the bleeder and a bubble about 1.5" in tube length escaped!

We did a couple more bleeds which got us a few more bubbles and continued until it was bubble free. Fluid came out new, so this wasn't a pocket of trapped fluid, it was just air that couldn't vent itself with normal ABS use.

So, if you're having a hard time getting your pedal back to normal after you've done the, "You need to use like 1L of fluid to get the brakes right, dude" and it still doesn't work or activating your ABS on street - I recommend you try this.

Have fun out there!
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Are you feeling loose in the rear end currently?

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