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Default Re: Brake Booster Discussion

So, to follow-up with this I had a fellow gearhead friend come over to help me sanity check my brakes last weekend.

In the end we tried several things and decided to swap out the booster even though it passed all the tests they tell you to try online to see if your booster is failing.

It looks like the article written by eEuroParts that talks about the brake booster is spot on. Over time your booster does wear out, which leads to soft, spongy/squishy brakes with low pedal engagement.

Working as a team we were able to swap everything out and bleed the brakes so we could to a test drive in about four hours or so.

The OEM service manual tells you to remove the ABS pump - **** that noise! We were able to scoot it back 1.5" to get the clearance we needed to remove the booster.

My brakes might still have some air trapped in the ABS system (I'm looking into this) but the booster was the culprit. Incredible improvement now, the car stops like you would expect when you hit the brakes. The top of the pedal is a tiny but squishy, but once you get past that the car stops on its nose.

At this point the only thing left in my ENTIRE brake system that hasn't been replaced or refreshed is the ABS pump and the hard lines. There simply wasn't any remaining variables that can account for what I was seeing.

I won't even get into the caliper flex at this point...

Good luck!
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