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Default Re: Brake Booster Discussion

Also, I've been searching online and talking to some of the parts retailers in Europe regarding this brake booster.

I was able to locate a retailer online in France that had the best price with shipping for 281€ at the time of this post is, $326

I also reached out to ATE in Europe and North America to see what they would have to say, since they make the part.

ATE in Germany forwarded my request internally, but I never heard back. I called ATE North America and all they could tell me was that the part is discontinued.

I also reached out to ATE Australia on Facebook because, why not and it's often more direct than an email going into some customer service blackhole.

They initially asked me to call them, but I wasn't going to bother (it's 2017 - use the phone? LOL) so I just gave them more information into the problem via Facebook messenger.

They forwarded my info to their sales team then got back to me with this:

We'll see what happens next.

It's now the weekend there, so I don't expect to hear back for a couple of days.
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