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Default Re: A good example of why my engine internals have remained stock

In aerospace at least, the old saying is that its built to run, not to be fixed. So in a perfect world, the object is just operated. You try to build it with the thought in mind that it will fail and should have some failsafe to that end, but its kind of unreasonable to run a motor for 50000 hours just to see what might happen. Not to say that high hour testing isnt done. Eat a bird on takeoff and all those parameters are out the window, because even though they did BASH testing, you cant do that at every hour mark. And you cant account for secondary issues that arise and cause catastrophic damage.

I think the same could be said for the engines. Driving styles are so varied, drive times are varied. Would a car with almost entirely highway miles at 65mph have the same type of wear as a car that is tracked? Of course not. But what about someone who only does short trips? Or maybe you drive twice a month, but you go romping everytime. The variation is just impossible to account for, so they do their best to simulate failure in many arenas.

Like stated, i think this engine is a marvel, and even with the failures we know about, they did a great job. Likewise, the racp should have been fixed from e36-46, but even if they had reinforced it heavily, the power jump from the s52 to the 54 was enough that it might not have mattered

Just my 0.02

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