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Default Re: My OEM+ Interlagos

Picking up where I left off... wheel rack was built.

Stained and mounted with 12 lag bolts. Ladder sat there for a bit because I was paranoid and questioning my stud finding.

NC inspection time. Tint from previous owner was illegal (13% on rear windows). Perfect reason to rip it out. Aesthetically, I prefer no tint. For removal, I used a garment steamer and the side windows peeled off with relative ease and no residue (this isn't so bad...I thought)

Rear quarter window: tint peeled off in 30 seconds. Wow, this is amazing, I thought... Wait, why is the window still tinted??! Ohhhhhh, some numb-nut decided to apply tint on top of tint (because "tints" - plural). That means the top layer of tint peeled off the clear film of the bottom layer. Double the work! Sweet! It still wasn't too bad, but clearly the car lost about 5 lbs from this.

50/50 - let there be light!

Back to the OEM fishbowl. Feels good.

Also....slowly collecting parts for rod bearing overhaul.
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