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Default Re: 1998 Alpine White Sedan Build Thread

Originally Posted by SIDEWAYS View Post
What in the world for?? You mentioned that your plan was to buy, rebuild/fix, and sell. I would hope that you plan on making a mountain of profit, because I would imagine that the labor alone sets you back quite a bit, never mind all the new parts. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for flipping cars for profit, but I just can't see this being a monetarily worthwhile project unless you got that car for just about nothing.

And btw, it definitely seems that your mechanical skills have come quite a long way since we met way back when (at least based on the threads you used to post). Are you ASE-certified? Or is this all self-taught?
None of this is hard. Most of it is just knowing where to take things (like the bolts) and having the tools (like the blast cabinet and media). The rest is all attention to detail, which I already know of many ways I can do even better.

Who knows if I'll profit from it. Honestly I don't care as long as the money invested is recouped (The parts alone have added up quite a bit). It serves as a platform to better my skills, make connections, and make products.

ASE, hah... No. Self/Forum taught and still learning.

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