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Coming back to this thread since I got map switching to work for fuel tables, how do i go about adding valet mode (rpm)? i was reading through that repost of paffy about how it works and how to do the fuel factor.

Example to re-map K_TI_GA:
It's on slave CPU accesed at $00088070. The value in tune file is at address
$0070 (tune file is ordered slave 32kb first, then master 32kb)

Edit your base/main tune file and add following at 0x8060 address (slave
remapping mapping table): 0x00,0x08,0x80,0x70,0x00,0xff,0xe0,0x30 (what are these values? replacement values and how would i apply this and i just plugging in those values at that location?)

That will tell the ECU software to copy a long(4 bytes) from
$00088070 (adjusted to active map) to $00ffe030 (is this the correct address because my file is not that big to go to that hex address) whenever map switch occurs.
In the MSSMapper, under slave remaps, type 0x88070 and 0xffe030
in the first line. That will scan the ECU software and change all
0x88070 references to the RAM location.
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