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Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
Use with extreme caution, as you can screw things up, but, from Paffy:
Alright, given that example is something that I need to change as a simple way for me to be able to run pump gas if no e85 is around if I were to follow that example that would give me the ability to change the fuel multiplier with this? That's the main thing I am trying to accomplish. the rev limit, fan speed, etc is minor in comparison to having the ability to switch to pump gas when e85 isn't accessible.

Right now I bring my computer with me everywhere and if i have to switch tunes, I flash it at the gas station which is what I am trying to stop doing haha. does anyone have a screen shot of what that remapping table looks like in hex?

Also is that remapping table a table for the desired values or is it a lookup table that is directing it to look at the values at "tune 1, tune 2 etc"
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