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Default Re: That one 95 M3 HPDE build

I’ve been busy with the car all November, here is a quick and simple update after this long weekend!

Drivers door has been fully gutted, will be using nylon coated wire rope for an interior door handle

TCK DA coilovers have been installed

Valve train was removed, soaked in Berrymans and reinstalled with fresh Erling valve seals and a quick lap job.

Block has been painted, honed, and deck cleaned up.

I’ve acquired a longacre rear view, full VAC seat mount setup, OMP weld on quick release, pair of Sabelt 6pt harnesses, renown 130r motorsport stitched suede wheel, joes racing window net mounting kit sparco suede gloves, a whole bunch of OE parts from thebmwpartsstore, and 17x9 et42 apex arc 8s.

I also installed the S2R carbon sunroof plug, just a quick/dry install right now. I’ve got to drill out some of the holes that don’t line up perfectly and bring some silicone over to the shop to seal it up.

Mounted the Recaro profi spg with a driver’s side VAC kit that I had lying around from my E46M. Installed the dash and crappy OE wheel to get it mobile. Just a couple more things and it’s off to my buddies fab shop in early December.

I finally got the chassis on the ground on black Friday. Much more fun than shopping.
I used my old gold RC090s on 235/40 federals, they’re actually 243mm width, so they don’t fit too well but good enough to go get a cage. I really like the look of them on the car and might to make them work for street wheels and get something more aggressive than RS3s for the apex.

Like I’ve said, cage fab to happen early December and then the car will come back to my shop for paint prep while I simultaneously start to get the S50 long block back together. I’m hoping that 2017 is all reassembly! Plan is to be running by end of May at the latest.

final details before fab work [misc hardware, templates for Al block off panels, and one more xylene cleaning]
get car to rebellion forge for fab
rebuilding s50
trans seals/detents/cleaning

2003.5 Imolarot M3: daily
1995 Alpinweiß M3: hpde

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