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Default Re: That one 95 M3 HPDE build

Iíve been working A LOT on the chassis in the last couple weeks. It may not look like much but itís the result of oh Iíd say around 80h of grinding and cleaning. Itís getting there. It is almost ready to be caged!

Rear glass was finally removed and then I immediately grabbed the angle grinder to remove the bulkhead.

Engine bay grinding began as well; removed seam sealer and various brackets that will not be needed.

S54 oil pan, pump, dipstick, and filter housing acquired and cleaned up.

I cleaned up the upper area of the bulkhead, this was a very tedious process to make it as smooth as possible with the factory sheetmetal contours.


I then grabbed two cans of berryman carb cleaner to soak the pistons, rods, and other misc parts. Iím almost done cleaning all the pistons/rods.

Removed the front glass and found some rustÖ. Iíll just TIG whatever is left back together and possibly just run a lexan front as well, still undecided on that.

Began trimming down the doors! Fine trimming to happen this week.

Iíd call this a 98% prepped interior, ready for a cage.

It looks so good with no glass

Iíve been ordering a lot of engine rebuild parts and tools lately and planning to get atleast the short block rebuilt before the car goes to buddies for cage. I may even try to have the cylinder head refreshed and installed onto that short block as well, we will just have to see how much spare time Iíve got in November!

finish minor remaining cage prep
install tcklines, steering column, and get chassis rolling
rebuilding s50
trans seals/detents/cleaning

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1995 AlpinweiŖ M3: hpde

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