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Default Re: That one 95 M3 HPDE build

Originally Posted by englishtom1596q View Post
God Damn! I wish I'd zinc coated mine now. They weren't very corroded so I just cleaned them up and painted the heads but yours look fantastic! I'm going through a similar suspension refresh now albeit a lot slower! Keep up the good work!
Thanks man! It's the first time I've plated hardware to this degree and I am sooo glad I did. I priced new bolts from BMW and it was about 4x more expensive than plating!

Originally Posted by cowboyM3 View Post
Looking good man, miss my '95 AW driving up by Nebraska line around Hiawatha with the sweetcorn growing summertime, best open driving roads in the world
There are some excellent country roads to drive around on that's for sure. I don't think this car will be on them, that's for the E46 haha.

I’ve had a decently productive week. My schedule/plan has changed a bit after I realized some issues with it but everything should still work out on time. First things first I got some parts for this over the last couple weeks, don’t remember posting them; set of TCKline DAs, GC medium front bar, and hard motorsports dash plate.

Tore down the S50 to get ready for machine shop/refreshing. I think the chassis is going to take precedence over this for now. I want to get the car caged and interior painted before winter, painting in the cold is never a good idea imo.

Dash and HVAC box have been taken out. I also removed the drivers window stuff, passenger door is so close to the wall that idk if I’ll be able to take it out right now. It was a productive Sunday.

Tuesday night I went crazy on the interior. I removed the steering column, pedals, booster, and entire harness. I began weeding out the harness during the week. Once it’s been weeded out, I’ll attempt to remove the front and rear glass myself, then begin grinding down misc things in the interior to prep it for the cage as well as the engine bay to prep it for paint. I’m thinking of a battleship grey type interior. Function>form here.

weed through wiring harness
remove glass and figure out local lexan dealers
interior cage & engine bay prep
motor rebuilding
trans seals/detents/cleaning
design cage & study nasa rule book
[thinking of taking ideas from this cage]

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