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Default Re: Torque Spec thread

Originally Posted by CrookedCommie View Post
Meaning they are single use, when you tighten them down they deform, so you can't effectively reuse them.
I know what Torque to Yield means. Typically a bolt that is used in that application has a angle you turn it after jointing torque. Bolts that have a one shot torque measurement are usually reusable. I've never seem them listed as TTY.

I know this quote is stating head bolts, but still applicable.


How can you tell TTY head bolts from ordinary head bolts? TTY head bolts are typically longer and narrower than standard head bolts. Factory service manuals will tell you which applications use TTY bolts, and you can often tell from the head bolt tightening procedure if the bolts are TTY or standard. TTY bolts typically have an angle tightening specification rather than a specific torque value (which requires using an angle gauge when tightening the bolts).

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