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Default Re: Steps to take to ensure flood car doesn't run into issues?

Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Yes. The grease is likely contaminated.

I have the SIR B90 tool for rent. I can cut you a break on the rental fee.

You should by a good set of c clip pliers or youíll be using a dremel to cut out the c-clip.

Iíd get on that soon because itís gonna be a massive B if that starts to rust up.

Do you still need those airbag sensors? I finally found them this weekend.

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I won't be able to get to it for a few months. Car is stored and won't be driven for a while. I was thinking about having a shop do the work. I'll let you know if I'd like to rent the tool.

Shop didn't tell me that the sensors need to be replaced. I'll have to read codes to see if there are any problems with the sensor.

Last time I was near the car, the battery kept draining. I replaced the two year old battery, but that didn't help. I'm thinking it might have been caused by the removal of the OBD cover? Hopefully something else isn't drawing power. Will have to investigate further.
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