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Default Re: DIY: Oil pan removal + engine mounts

Originally Posted by chalaka View Post
Great write up!!! thanks for taking the time to share this .. i am sure i will come back to this article when the time comes
Originally Posted by akashyap View Post
Thanks man. I will be using this in the future.
Originally Posted by see.m3.go View Post
Great DIY
You're welcome guys, I hope it's useful when the time comes to open the oil pan up hehe

Originally Posted by ///M3Fresh View Post
Great Write up man!! I didnt read every little detail but I dont think I saw that you mentioned that you got the tap out? I am assuming you didnt do the work to do the DIY and you were trying to get the exhaust tab out of the pan?
Are you referring to the tab? I had already fished one out by cracking the oil pan open, but I was missing one which I just couldn't find.
In the end, taking the entire thing off was orders of magnitude easier than the letsnotdismountthings approach I had been using earlier.
By taking the whole thing off I found the second tab I'll include a pic in the DIY hehe
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