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Default Re: Vehicle Coatings Opticoat, Gyeon, C Quarts Finest

Originally Posted by r0csfinest View Post
Ceramic Pro is who I will be using as well. For the price point I choose CP because of lifetime warranty and also the only coating that goes onto your carfax besides the other main reasons.

I just read the lifetime warranty terms/policy.

Warranty doesn't seem to go far on paper. Apparently it only covers "environmental induced contaminants such as; bird droppings, tar, tree sap, bug impacts and oxidation. "

And even at that you have to meet their "annual service requirements" and pass their annual inspections.

I guess if you know the place doing the work well enough they'll take care of you. I was most interested in being protected from swirl marks and such. But that's not covered in this policy.
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