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Default Re: Current state and the future of Status Gruppe

Originally Posted by erickrayos View Post
Then again most people don't waste their time doing a positive review. Only when something went wrong where they end up posting all over the internet about how bad something/someone is.

I've dealt w/ them twice, first time just to get a 1piece splitter and it went well and second time was when I had them remove and replace my bad engine w/ the one that I rebuilt and they worked w/ me and my slim timeline on when things need to get done before I left for deployment. they were very helpful on both occasion.

but then again that's my experience w/ them. ymmv.
For every story like yours, there's 2 worse experiences. This is what's so upsetting to those of us that have bought from them. I was flat out lied to, as others were, and on top of that, SGT tried pulling a fast one on me.

How would you react if you found out that they either A. charged you full price for used parts in your rebuilt, or B. charged you full price of the A model of something, and gave you the B model of it, while trying to hide that fact.

There's too many poor reviews at this point to out weight all the positive. A company that's as good as some of you say it is doesn't have this many damming reviews.
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