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Default Re: Building an E30 M3 gravel rally car :-)

Originally Posted by ExclusiveAuto View Post
I was thinking about buying that tumbler for a while, but the reviews scared me away from the 18lb. Do you have the 5lb or the 18lb? the 5lb seems like it might be too small for my shop. I was thinking about getting the sandblasting cabinet from them instead, but those reviews suck worse. Curious on what your impressions are.
I have both. I use the 5lb most of the time and will pull out the 18lb for larger parts. I have been using them for many years. Love it. I restored a '76 930 chassis and used the tumbler to restore all of the hardware that came off the car (much of it is unobtanium).

Originally Posted by ExclusiveAuto View Post
those calipers didn't really look that spotless int he pic after polishing (but I have no idea how long you ran it for. looking forward to your impressions of the product. thanks.
I didn't go for spotless, just free of debris. If I really wanted spotless I would have just bought remanufactured calipers. Mine is a racecar, though.

Originally Posted by ExclusiveAuto View Post
I had a 4.10 in mine and it was fast as shit to 120mph, but was unbearable to drive on the highway... I think 70mph was like 4500RPM in 5th. I swapped to a 3.25LSD and it is a much better car for the street. I think a 3.46 is going to be nice for a rally car, but a 3.64 - 3.73 might be perfect...
We'll see. I don't like the idea of having to row through the gears excessively, but I can always swap out to a 3.73 at some point.

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