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Originally Posted by saem3 View Post
But now that I think about the situation, with all kidding aside, while it was a bit of a cluster f..k, it was an instance in which two wrongs don't make a right. We are operating under DE rules, that means no passing in the corners, period. Just because my guy gave you a late point by (BAD move on his part) does not mean you can take the pass ( BAD move on your part). You got the black flag, hey, we should have been flagged too, but that didn't happen. I made it clear to my guy that that move didn't work, but I do think he should have had a trip to the marshall too, to make it clear.

In the end it all worked out without any drama, it was a good clean pass, but the rules of the game were indeed violated.. So much of one's craft as a driver is to know the rules of the game so as to exploit them to the max, and yet, not to overstep them,, all at the same time.

Steve E. (has never done anything wrong.... yeah right)

Fun pics by the way, get yer vids up!
very true... when your student gave me the pass, I questioned it as it was very late, and Ken said to take it inside and stay tight.. with your students E30, and the mini "training it" on the right hand side of the track, it would of been MORE dangerous to fall behind you, in front of the mini....

you knew what was going on, I knew what was going on, we all stayed safe, and in that instance, in retrospective, probably was the best option due to the double pass in that short straight...

to keep it truly safe, I should of stayed behind the mini, and waited until the main straight, and not taken the double pass between 7 and 8
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