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Default Re: Estoril Sedan Winter Refresh

Originally Posted by damnboy37 View Post
Nice, giving it the love it deserves. I have some glass projectors, but the shop couldn't find a way to get them to fit them with the supercharger in the way.
Originally Posted by westopher View Post
If you get some glass headlights, do a proper retrofit and run HIDs. It does wonders in making the car confidence inspiring on late night drives. Mountain roads, wildlife and 20 year old headlights are not a perfect combo. I'm running FX-R projectors in DJ Autos and the light output rivals new cars. Anything I can help with, or any parts you need help finding let me know Chef.
Thanks guys.
I want some OEM Bosch. I really avoid driving the car at night and rarely do. I've owned numerous modern cars and know what a nice headlight setup can do. I'll keep thinking but this one is still back burner.
Originally Posted by Poorhouse View Post
Good work keeping it until you were ready to work on it.

I've read lots of stories about people selling a car and regretting it because they didn't have the time or resources deal with it at the time.
Sell? lolnope. I love driving it too much.

Finished disassembling the front end and started cleaning.

I was inspired by the door handle trim thread and five8and10s DIY.

Original tag still on the front end and all of the grill clips are intact.

Cleaned up the door a bit. I'd love to slap whoever worked on this.

All cleaned up (mostly) and all clips and attachments removed except grill.

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x2 and some Chicago style pizza
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He's suffered enough.
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STFU Klong!!!!! Go Fuk Yourself!
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