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Default Re: My M3

Thats all i have right now....i think lmao.
My auto solutions ssk will hopefully be here at the end of the week.
I opted for the cartridge/autocross style shifter (more expensive and shinier option)
With a 20% reduction.. s/o ronald.

I donít drive the car at all much right now
Due to being afraid of breaking it in its current state. Im kind of just stock piling until i can do mostly everything at once and move on to kooler/lighter things.

Next few movement will probably be
headers leaning towards csl and
Supersprint x pipe.
I also need to actually finish my vanos build Iíve been kind of avoiding it tbh.
I need the cam alignment tool and beisan oil pump disc still. thats all Iím missing.

After exhaust and vanos is taken care of i will head into finishing my rear end rebuild. If you guys have any suggestions on what else i can do back there let me know!
I will be going with the turner reinforcement plates and it will be welded in at rogue engineering they quoted me a great price and i feel they know what theyíre doing.

So yea thats where i am right now ill be updating more as i start installing and stuff.

Thanks for viewing make sure to subscribe and leave any questions comments opinions below! See ya soon!

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