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Default Re: Mystery solved: Does shift speed affect 1/4 mile trap speed?

Additional Information:

I did a little more digging into the results, and it's very clear that clutch engagement time is different between D2 and D5. I looked at the 60-foot times, and it's clear that the clutch engagement is faster in D5 than D2.

At the same time, I exported as much data from the runs as I thought made sense. I tried making some graphs of the data, but nothing was nearly as clear as simply presenting the data itself.

1/4 Mile results:
Even though these aren't actual drag strip results, I tried to simulate them as best as I could using the VBox tools software. I did my best to look up the NHRA rules and figure out how times, distances, and trap speeds are measured. Then using what I learned, I programmed the VBox software to simulate the same thing. For example, I used a 1-foot roll-out, and the trap speed is the average of the speed at 1321ft, and 1257ft (Q-60 ft, with 1-foot roll-out).

Gear Analysis: Time in Gears

Gear Analysis: Distance in Gears

Speed Analysis: Time to Speed

Speed Analysis: Distance to Speed
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