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Default Gas Tank Capacity

My manual says my gas tank capacity is 16.4 Gal and once the light comes on I should have 2.1 Gal left in the tank. Most of the time I fill up the car when it's a 1/4 to empty. I always wanted to know how far I can get once the light comes on and I've gone as fas as 27 miles ( I know it's not good for the car) then when I fill up I've managed to get it filled with a max of 15.4 gal all the way up to the top as far as I can remember.

Recently because of negligence my red light came on and I just drove it for a while not too far and went to get it filled up at my favorite gas station I've always filled up there because the price is always lower than the others.
Well because of me wanting to check my gas milage and trying to find out how much gas I could get in the car I topped it off with 16.485 Gal and was concerned on why, because that meant my tank had to be bone dry and the light just came on and I had to have used less that 1/2 a gallon before the fill up.
Numbers didn't add up I assumed I had 1 1/2 gal left in the tank if I managed to fill up with 16.485 that would place me at 18 gal , assuming I can get 1 gal in the pipe before the tank that would be 17 gal.
Would the rest of gas be in the lines after the tank?
Is this possible, or do I have to turn in this gas station?
And No I did not spill any gas the pump prevents this.
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