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Today I met up with a local forum member named Calvin (flightz71) who sold me a pair of brand new 255/35/19 PS2s for an awesome price. Great guy with a beautiful LSB ///M.

Sitting on top of some 275s I'm trying to sell..

These tires will be a part of a major maintenance overhaul I'm trying to do including new RTABs, rear tires, alignment, possibly RSMs, and a bunch of smaller things I've been wanting to do. I'm just waiting to get all of the parts in my possession so I can start. I will post pics of everything.

I also bought the TWS Oil Change kit from Tischer
Originally Posted by AriZonaD54 View Post
Sorry to hear about the jacking.

This thread looks very promising. Keep up the good work my TiAg brother!
Thanks! yeah, I'm still really upset about the spoiler but all I can do now is cross my fingers and hope for a good deal on a used VCSL boot lid.

2003.5 Tiag SMG ///M3
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