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Default Re: Westfalia Trailer Hitch install on E46 M3 DIY

Hardware Items I bought broken out for clarity:
2 5.5" bolts 1/2-13 thread (5" would be too short and the 6" bolts were threaded entire length, 5.5" bolts only threaded 1" on ends and I preferred non-thread inside the hitch loop)
2 1/2-13 nuts
1 25 pack of 1/2 washers
1 5 pack of 1/4-20 x .75" long bolts with washers and nuts included (used 4 of them)
1 48"x2"x1/8" aluminum bar

Also if I could photo shop one of the photos it would be more clear, but if you can get a bar that is 3" deep (instead of 2") it will be better so that you can contour the ends and get more mount points on the bumper cover. In this photo you can see the arc that the cover makes laid over the bar is only enough for two end holes on each side to overlay on the bar. With a wider bar you could get more overlay after cutting the arc profile into the ends of the AL bar on the back side to recess it deeper into the bumper cover rib. Look at the bolt that is holding the Al bar to the hitch bar. See the mount holes are on opposing sides of the bar (along the 2" dimension), due to the arc of the holes in the bumper cover. With a wider bar that has the back edge profiled to the bumper cover you could fit more holes along the arc line in the bumper cover.

If you look closely you can see the 4 bolts I used to mount, 2 on each end but none in the middle. The rib sits on top of the Al bar in the middle, but the holes in the bumper cover do not overlap enough to make an additional mount in the middle. It is minor, but with just another 1/2" of depth you could get a 5th mount in the middle of the bar/cover.

If this makes no sense, it will be obvious after you have the bumper cover off and you are fabbing up the mounting bar.

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