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Default Re: Westfalia Trailer Hitch install on E46 M3 DIY

Bam its done (well almost). Here is a view of the cover bolted down and the ball hitch inserted:

Another view of the ball hitch and lock from below: The red end shaft is actually the key, you turn the knob to release the ball (when it is unlocked).

It rests against the lower valence mount slightly, but I am going to leave it untrimmed. You will have to cut out a small clearance in the lower diffuser, for the ball hitch, but that will be easy. I have not done so to mine, because I don't have a trailer yet, but now I can start looking! The cover is mounted solid to the bumper by directly bolting it, and results in perfect alignment with the same ability to adjust fore/aft on the sides as it did before. I was really pleased with how it turned out, and surprised at how simple it was to figure out a solution. With the ball hitch removed it is completely hidden.

Because I am a weight weenie, I did weigh everything.
Main bar: 19lbs
Donkey Dong: 11lbs
Rail mounts and brackets: 5lbs
Aluminum bar and added hardware: 2lbs
Bumper shocks and Kevlar rail with Styrofoam filler (minus) 9lbs

So in the end the hitch weighs 35lbs complete and my mounting solution is another 2lbs. Since you remove 9 lbs of the stock bumper beam, and remove the ball hitch it is only 17lbs of added weight when not in use. But it is in the rear, and it actually does add some rigidity to the body. I don't know if it makes much difference but all in all, it is very little weight added for the increased utility it brings. The hitch is rated for 165lbs tongue and 5900lbs braked towing capacity. I will never be anywhere near that, but it is nice to know I won't be needing to park a truck in the driveway after all.

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