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Default Re: CMP Auto Engineering subframe kit

Afternoon everyone,

as an update for the kits we are working on, the first set of front mount extensions were fitted to my own car a couple weeks ago in addition to my own custom solid aluminium subframe raising bushes in addition to new bushes all round in the back end.

Initial review of the car is that it feels so much more rigid, more driver feedback and responsive to driver input and remains incredibly flat through the bends which both the change in roll centre and rigidity of the bushing have likely contributed towards.

IMO, for those with sufficient structural reinforcement to compensate for the undampened forces, these bushes are a must. The handling is incredible (much like an M4 if I had to compare) and my diff whine is gone now that I've removed my PF black diff bushes and fitted stock again. The change in harshness on the road in comparison the PF yellow subframe bushes is non-existent. I have only positive things to say.

I have also received pricing for these bushes to be manufactured and it is looking like I will be pricing them at ~$350 Aud (~$270 USD). I will also be including these bushes with all the RACP reinforcement solutions I offer in the group buy I intend to host when the brace is complete.

Onto the front mounts, I'm afraid my install was slightly rushed and I hardly captured any photo's to share so I hope the ones below do provide some insight into the project.

Regarding the brace, I have fitted the mounting plates and begun notching tubes to fit to form the full 6-point brace however, this may be delayed as I'm expected to be sent onto a solar farm site for several weeks in the coming days.

here's some of the pics of my recent project I mentioned earlier. let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions.

1. Base of vertical tube. The factory welds were ground down to provide a pool for the new welds material. The result is that the new weld material joins the washer at the base of the tube directly to the threaded insert within. The second shows the fitment of the tube within the structure.

Some of my welds holding the tube to the washer.

To assembly the kit, the SHS had to be first welded to the folded horizontal beam. I tacked welded it in many places to ensure no distortion then removed the piece and welded some internal joins and all extenral joins.

Excuse the glare in this pic. It was the only one I captured showing it in the car. This is before I welded the assembly in.

And lasltly, when I finally had the car fully assembled ready to put the wheels back on the ground. Not a whole lot to see but after all that work it was a big moment.

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