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Default Re: $6k paint job gone wrong !!!!

Originally Posted by MasterShake View Post

I have not posted on any other forums about this issue.
Dennis, maybe your forgot or something else but this you post from s14 regarding this issue

Originally Posted by MasterShake View Post
first of, Yan...i am sorry this happened to you, i remember when you gave me a ride in your M3 after one of Vlad's meets. I will donate to a fund created in your name on r3v.

secondly, i find it funny that people are blaming moderators here. this is an open forum and the moderators job is to moderate the forum, not your life, your business dealings or your decisions. s14 is a great source of information and you can find anything you need to make your own decisions.

that being said, i do still really hope that everyone posting here is at least above 14 years old, because some of the posts have been nothing but childish trash and i didn't even read the whole thread.
you remember now?

Also, do you remember how I gave you the keys from my place and let you park your car when you needed to even though I did not personally know you?
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