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Default Re: paffy GTS4 build

Originally Posted by paffy View Post
I'm using 4130 tubing, so for whatever the technical reason is, I've learned how to TIG weld instead of MIG. I've got some nice practice welds that passed an inspection by certified welder and my own "testing to failure".

But the sharp angles and the lack of access make me feel like I'm in slightly over my head....
Oh, TIG is one of the most difficult welding process to get right. You gotta have a 100% clean tubing with no scale and rust till it's shiny, plus clean the area with acetone. It's more difficult to TIG with a pedal when you're out of position, so try setting the machine manually for 0.125" or whatever thickness you're using and set it to 4T w/ a finger trigger, so you won't have to mess with a foot pedal. Just watch the puddle and move at a consistent pace to get your stack of dimes. When I'm MIG welded my cage, it's more difficult to weld something you can't see... like blind area so you might want to get the motion down before doing blind welds. Looking at those welds, I'm guessing you're travel speed is slow and spread out too far ahead, my guess it's because of the odd shape of the tube that's causing you to do that. :-) I also had a hard time supporting my mig gun causing uneven welds.

Welding the main hoop to a plinth block or box would be the most optimal way to drop the cage down to weld the a-pillar bars and door bars, if you also plan to drill a hole in the front it'll make it more accessible too.

I'm not an expert or anything just sharing my experience while building my cage and a lemons race car. I didn't really get any help either, so I know how overwhelming it can become.

Good luck!

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*Safety Setup: 10pt Welded Roll cage, Sparco Circuit, Schroth 6pt Harnesses, and HANS Device.
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