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Default Re: paffy GTS4 build

Originally Posted by Samsonite79 View Post
Overall the cage is looking great, that CAD on paper templates for copes makes it look easy, keep it up! Few tips from my experience; just remember to plan ahead before welding 360*, it's pretty easy to trap yourself. If you haven't mig welded tubing, it's really tricky at first but once you get the motion down and right body position when welding you'll be okay. Just do a few practice runs before laying down metal. Have fun!

I'm using 4130 tubing, so for whatever the technical reason is, I've learned how to TIG weld instead of MIG. I've got some nice practice welds that passed an inspection by certified welder and my own "testing to failure".

But the sharp angles and the lack of access make me feel like I'm in slightly over my head....
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