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Originally Posted by ///Motorsport3 kID View Post
Are you the Buyer or Seller?:Buyer
Model Year:2006
Mileage:16327 Miles
Coupe or Convertible?: Verts all day baby
Exterior Color: Imola Red
Interior Color: Black Nappa
Manual or SMG?: c'mon, 6mt
Major Options: Nav, 19's, Cold Weather, Premium, H/K, Titanium trim, im sure im forgetting something but it has everything except PDC
Under Warranty? (if yes, please indicate type and remaining coverage): CPO 6yr/100k through June 2012
Overall Condition (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor): Excellent
Any unusual items that affected value?: Car was immaculate
With Whom Did You Complete the Sale? (Private, BMW Dealership, Other Dealership, Auction): Rallye BMW, Ryan Schlotter in CPO sales. He is a great man, has taken care of my family and friends with several cars. I've never heard a bad word spoken about him.
How Did You Find Seller/Buyer?: It took me a year to find the car, i looked at every dealer as i needed to have a warranty.
Sale Location (City, State): Westbury, New York
Sale Date (Month, Year): December 24, 2009
Seller Asking Price: $38,900
Final Sales Price: $36,900
Est. Published Value, if known (KBB, NADA, Galves, etc.): $36&change
Other Comments (amount of time in the market, successful negotiating tactics, words of advice, etc.): It took over a year to find the right car. there was an AW/IR coupe at rallye which i had an opprotunity to see the day it came back off lease. It was in great condition and even had a few tasteful aftermarket mods. Unfortunatley, it didnt have a stereo. Scratch that. Anyway, I over paid and i know it. But im ok with it because the car is literally that perfect.
Sounds like you got a great car! I too saw that AW/IR on the floor when I was in for service- it sold quickly
06 ///M3 Vert AW/Imola
08 X5 4.8 AW/Nevada Blk
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