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Default Re: Streamline & Dr M3an M3's CSL Airbox Development Journal Collaboration

Originally Posted by stash1 View Post
Happy w/my current CSL rep, but sub'd to follow anyway! That would be great if they were able to keep this project within that projected range $$$...sounds like a pretty aggressive price point to me though. You predicted the cost of the CSL rep front bumper to be around $600ish...and that pretty much doubled. What makes you believe the same thing won't happen again this time?

Also, what are the odds of getting before and after dyno's? I would be curious to see dyno's with just the intake swapped (no tune), and then post tune.
Like I said, it's a bit early to tell on pricing. That is the intention though on pricing. I have no doubts it will be cheaper than an Evolve or Karbonius airbox though. Time will tell. Shipping on these will also be significantly cheaper than shipping a bumper, which was a large factor on the bumper's final price. This thread was made specifically just to document the process and to gain community input.

As for dynoing with just the intake (no tune) and then post tune, I don't think that will be a problem. To my knowledge, they have a mustang dyno available to them for dyno testing, so I don't see why that would be an issue. I will be sure to pass this along as well. I like data. The more objective data, the better.
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