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Default Re: Road Trip in the M3 to Pinehurst Concours in NC

Thanks for the compliments. It was a great experience to be out on the road with no expectations beyond finding the most fun roads to drive. I think I might try to do another trip in the fall.

Originally Posted by Double E View Post
That parkway speed limit is a real hinderance to a great handling car...

On your next trip down break free of the Parkway in Southern Va...
Take Route 8 from Floyd VA to Stuart VA.
On the way back, take Route 40 from Woolwine to Ferrum, then on to Roanoke.
The wife hurls as passenger on those roads every time...

In NC, see if you can work in a trip down the "Tail of the Dragon"
I hear Tail of the Dragon is great but way too busy.

I was on Route 8 at some point, but probably not on the stretch you are referring to. I took the highlighted route from Mt. Airy to the BRP. Route 614 over the mountain was incredible. Regrading the secondary roads off the parkway, I did a fair amount of that. I explored all day Sunday and made my way to the parkway mid-evening as a homestretch to Roanoke.

I spent Wednesday morning and Sunday evening on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Traffic was unbelievably light on both occasions. You can have a blast doing 55-65 in 4th gear. I was trying to beat darkness on Sunday evening; had on a great album and got clocked doing 64 in the 45 coming out on to a long straight (police clock oncoming traffic) The officer loved the car, asked if it was all original, etc so I thought I had a chance at a warning but he wrote it for 62mph, I guess to help me with the fine a bit. It's no points, federal ticket so it doesn't go to my home state (very important in my business)

Originally Posted by M-technik-3 View Post
Looks like it was a great outing. I am surprised that the Vintage has not let in E36's yet. Snobbish if you ask me. I have seen too many clapped out e30's in photos from the show.
I agree, but can you imagine all the clapped out E36's that would show up? I don't fault them for trying to keep away that beat up, stanced nonsense and the bro's that come along with it. It's a tough call because I would like to be a part of it at some point.

Here are some basic shots of cars that were there.

Road Scholars Cayman GTR. It started as a regular Cayman. They put a 4.2L in it and did the widebody. The hood is the only untouched body part.

RS America w/ 9,400 miles.

McLaren MSO

This was outside Road Scholars. It's the steel body buck they built to restore a 1950 Porsche 356 Gmund. Owner of the restored car is Hans Peter Porsche

Safe to say it's probably the only FXX I will ever see

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