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Default Re: $6k paint job gone wrong !!!!

Originally Posted by white-hot View Post
Secondly, I would say to the owner of the car that I find it sad that you would attribute your lack of desire to pursue this issue legally to “Gods Will” and to even quote scripture. I find this type blind religious adherence to be much of what is wrong with this world we live in. This type of thing strikes a personal cord with me, as my mother was also of this bent, and there was no talking reason to her. When she was diagnosed with cancer she stated that she would not be seeking treatment but would instead “trust God to heal her, if that was his will”. Well, sadly for myself and my family it would seem that “He” was not much interested. I would ask the owner of the M3 if he would also use the same illogic to agree with my mother that it is “not right” to allow a man to do what God would not. You have been wronged in a “worldly” way, and you should be made whole by the same means. God could not care less about your car.
Condolences to you and your family.

You must understand that people deal with things differently, I agree that following religion blindly is not the best thing you can do, especially when it turns into extremism.

In this case however, I believe the owner is using his religion to help him accept reality, such is the case sometimes with people. It is sometimes much easier to face uncertain future with a forgiving and accepting attitude. While I myself would pursue legal action, I don't think the owner deserves the comments left here in this thread about his decision.

Obviously we can agree to disagree and argue about this all day, but that's not the point of this thread.

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