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Default Re: INTRODUCING - the CPI Euro Style Section 1

Originally Posted by GBurns View Post
I plan on getting headers soon and I have 2 AR-20's installed in my section one. If I were to order the 200 cell cats and have them installed in the same position as they are in this picture, would I need to buy longer O2 sensors to reach that far back?
With the cats up front on section 1, you do not need to extend the O2 wires. There is about 18-inches of extra rear O2 wire under the engine cover.

You can see here how far back the rear O2 wires can reach.

Ensure you get the Magnaflow cats that are D-shaped. Round cats will not fit on the front of section 1 due to clearance issues.

Plus, you will need to trim a small section out of the plastic under panel to clear the left O2 sensor and remove the small bracket that holds the panel. The panel still fits fine and secure without the bracket.

You will need the 54905 (400 cell) or the 59905. Plus, the O2 bungs.

CLICK HERE to see the cats and O2 bungs.

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