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Question ABS Pump Bleeder Nipple?

So, I'm looking into trying to get all the air out of my brake system and I believe that I have air trapped in the ABS module.

Before anyone asks, I've already bled 1L of fluid through the system using the 2 person method including cycling the ABS intake/exhaust solenoids with the pump via INPA. My next step will probably be to use ISTA-D / Rheingold and try the ABS bleed sequence included with that dealership software.

While I'm waiting to get that set-up, I wanted to see if anyone on the forums has ever had any success attaching a line to the nipple on the pump and then bleeding from there with the pump actuating.

It's almost impossible to access this nipple with the M/C, reservoir and the fuse box in the way, but I'm sure someone has tried this at least once?

I'm talking about this:

Usually it has a rubber cap on it like a brake caliper bleeder:

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