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Default Re: MK20 ABS unit differences

Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
Assist level is separate from feel, imo. A car can have light steering and be extremely feelsome, or heavy and dead isolating (most modern cars).

I can't imagine lowering the power steering pressure increasing feel-- just adding weight/decreasing assistance.
There are a lot of variables that affect feel. Decreasing assist won't do anything to increase feel if your suspension geometry is poor, but I think decreasing the pressure would compensate for the "over-assisted" feel people complain about with a smaller torsion bar. I'll find out for sure when I get a chance to test with a lower pressure.

The torsion bar is effectively a torsion spring that controls how much torque needs to be applied to the steering column to open the valving inside the steering rack and send pressure to the steering cylinder. The power assist reduces how much of the load from the tires is transferred back through the column to the steering wheel. If you remove the power steering all together, there's no reason a rack with a smaller torsion bar would have worse feel than one with a larger bar, so decreasing the pressure should help reduce the difference in feel between the two. If the torsional rigidity of the column was that much of an issue even without power assist, then an aluminum steering guibo should improve feel greatly.

This place has a pretty good explanation of how power steering works.
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